Job interviews can be stressful, but it's rare to land a great job without one.  In my work as a staffing professional, I've interviewed hundreds of candidates, and I'm often amazed at how quickly an interview can go downhill with the smallest slip.  Here are my top ten tips to better your chances of acing the interview and scoring an offer.

  1. Never be late. Not only does this show disrespect for the people that have arranged their schedules for you, but where else do you have to be? If you get lost, call.
  2. No, no, no cell phone. Turn it off or leave it in the car. Period.
  3. Dress appropriately. Dress according to the job description or better then the job description. You can always talk you way around being overdressed. But there is no excuse for being underdressed. And keep it simple, they should see you and not your outfit.
  4. Sorry, unless it helps you get the job, remove all additional piercings and cover any tattoos. Some people find it offensive. All of that can be revealed after get an offer.
  5. Do not talk about the specifics as to why you want to leave your job or are looking for another job. If you were laid off because of the economy, you probably can get a sympathetic ear. But any other reason could be seen as a negative. You can simply say that you would like to grow more in your career.
  6. Do not talk about politics, religion, personal pets or your children. Talk only about how you are going to be an asset to this company. These topics can be very polarizing and can eliminate you if they think that your focus will be elsewhere.
  7. Do not talk about other job offers, job interviews, places you need to be or time you might need off in the future. You are asking them to be accommodating and you have not been made an offer.
  8. Be upbeat and pleasant. You need to be someone that they want to work with, regardless of whatever is going on personally.
  9. Give short, concise answers. Their time is valuable and bullet-pointing the highlights makes for a better presentation. If they want more detail, they will ask.
  10. RELAX! Sweating, shaking, and being nervous shows how you act under pressure. Remember they called you. So this is good news!

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