Clear, crisp sound minus the over glitzy production mixes that sometimes over powers the original music and lyrics.

The reverberating voices and acoustics of the newest English bands: Life in Film, Maricka Hackman, One Night Only, and the Daydream Club simply illustrate the art, youth and soul of today's generation.

Just the voice alternately clinging to the echoes of the piano keys, guitar strumming, the humming of the cello strings capturing moments that matter.

The original compositions that at times are poetic, haunting, yet realistic and contemporary are careful not to tread and look through meaningless rose-coloured glasses.

The music of these new English bands reminds you of the genre played well by the Beatles and Coldplay and that of the American band Green Day.

Burberry Chief Creative Officer Christopher Bailey chose the band Life in Film, Maricka Hackman, One Night Only, and the Daydream Club for this year's Burberry Eyewear Collection because their music, which are more like pieces of contemporary art, resonates the originality and uniqueness of the Burberry brand.

Songs of longing and of loves lost and found are all over the songs of Life in Film's Carla and One Night Only's Long Time Coming:

Waking up from another daydream
Like ghost all alone again
There was a world that I thought I knew
But I´ve never met someone quite like you

Maricka Hickman's music has been described by blogger OfficeStereo as the one with a lovely, soothing voice dreamily delivery some pretty dark lyrics.

The Daydream Club and their original Neon Love Song, has consistently won praise from BBC, the Rolling Stone, and the Hype Machine with their succinct but meaningful song and lyrics.

 Ambience and power, power and grace, sings the duo Adam Pickering and Paula Walker as their evocative and hushed melodies were rendered beautifully with the accompaniment of Elbow's violinist and Lana Del Ray's Cellist. It has been duly re-recorded and mixed by Sam Bell (REM, Snow Patrol & Foals).