Get some! shouts a young man as he jumps out of an airplane circling the skies above Hollywood, California. The gentleman falling from the sky is a NAVY SEAL, and he's giving his best effort to raise attention given to the pseudo-propagandist film, Act of Valor, which hits theaters on Feb. 24.

Act of Valor, a story about U.S. Navy Seals, is acted out by real NAVY SEALS, and accordingly, real NAVY SEALS parachuted into the premier Monday night.

The movie has garnered lots of attention from the media for using active duty seals to portray characters in the film. These are the same type of Navy SEALS that were involved in the targeted killing of Osama bin Laden.

There were many precautions taken with the project to make sure our advantages on the battlefield would not be compromised to the enemy, Navy spokeswoman Amanda Greenberg told Wired.

For video footage of the NAVY SEAL parachuting into the premier, which is shot from a helmet-cam, check out the video below: width=0

For video footage of the trailer, check out the video below: