“Victor Vran” is now available for purchase after being made available via the Steam Access. Developer Haemimont Games’ isometric action role-playing game takes after “Diablo,” but with over-the-top moves, a number of crazy weapons and the ability to double-jump and smash opponents with a hammer among other things to differentiate itself from the pack.

The game stars Victor Vran, a man who hunts demons for a living, similar to Van Helsing. If the character’s deep and gravelly voice sounds familiar to gamers, Kotaku has confirmed that Doug Cockle, the voice of Geralt from “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt,” voices Victor Vran as well. Both characters are actually quite similar, as they hunt down creatures that normal people can’t hunt by themselves and are judged for their actions.

Gameplay wise, “Victor Vran” takes the format made popular by the “Diablo” games and turns it up a notch, as the trailer below shows Vran taking on hordes of demons by himself. This is where the previously mentioned double jumping comes in handy, as players will be able to unleash a number of attacks and combos to destroy these hordes and bring peace to the world.

Weapons in the game include pistols, swords and a giant hammer, not including the magic spells that can be used. The full arsenal of Victor hasn’t been unveiled yet, but apparently whatever weapon or armor Victor has equipped significantly changes the status of the character and the way the game has played. The hammer makes him slower, while his sword has the right balance between power and speed, which adds some strategy to the action-packed RPG.

According to the game’s official Steam page, Haemimont Games will continue to update the game with new features and free content. The “Tome of Souls” DLC adds a spellcaster character class and a new weapon for Vran to use. The “Highlander Outfit” DLC adds a new outfit and more options to customize Vran’s stats. The “Cauldron of Chaos” DLC will add a new map with random layouts, challenges and a number of demons to take on. Finally, a two-player co-op mode is also in the works.

“Victor Vran” is available now on Steam, so PC gamers looking for a stylish action RPG should give the title a try. Fans with suggestions or complaints about the game can leave the developers a comment in Steam.

Victor Vran Launch Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Haemimont Games)