Ad Systems Communications, Inc., a leading service provider of digital media and video communications for all major cable TV networks, announced earlier today that its proprietary, patent-pending cable TV ad insertion technology will be installed on the cable TV systems of in Independence, Oregon. Ad Systems Communications, Inc. will be the exclusive cable advertising sales company for Minetfiber’s residential Cable TV systems.

“This cable TV ad insertion system is the company’s first deployment in the Portland, Oregon DMA and it represents a strategic building block in our expansion plan. Oregon offers a great opportunity due to the large number of rural cable TV systems which are perfect for our innovative ad insertion and video streaming capabilities,” stated J. Michael Heil, CEO of Ad Systems Communications, Inc.

A digital media and video communications service provider, Ad Systems Communications, Inc. provides quality advertising inventory for all the major cable TV networks such as ESPN, MTV, DISCOVERY, CNN, LIFETIME, A&E, FOX NEWS and TNT by deploying its patent pending insertion and streaming media technology into the cable, satellite and IP television markets. The company generates revenue from this inventory by selling it to advertisers who desire to insert video commercials into highly targeted markets.