One company that is starting to pick up momentum is the Wendover, Nevada-based Ad Systems Communications. Ad Systems Communications provides quality advertising inventory for all the major cable television networks such as ESPN, MTV and Fox News by deploying its patent pending insertion and streaming media technology into the cable, satellite and IP television markets. Today, Ad Systems Communications took a major step towards enhancing their future with the announcement they have increased their Utah DMA market share.

Ad Systems increased their Utah DMA market share by an entire 6.35%. This goal was accomplished by the young company singing the renowned Centra Telecom which was contracted for the installation of three new systems in the SLC DMA.

This recent installation will allow Ad Systems to utilize its patent-pending media insertion technology to offer national and local advertisers over 22,000 commercial avails for the 2,500 new subscribers and 700 hotel rooms in Wendover, Nevada where the initial deployment will take place. Ad Systems also has 39,000 existing subscribers in the Utah customer base, and with their breakthrough patent-pending technology the young company will be able to sell and insert advertising into these new systems as well as its nearly 300,000 current cable television subscriber base.

Leading the way at Ad Systems Communications is J. Michael Heil who serves as the CEO. Commenting on what the increase in the Utah DMA market share will mean to the future of Ad Systems, Heil was quoted as saying, “The Utah market is a strategic advertising DMA for us as it appears to have economic resilience and a strong advertiser base. We expect continued subscriber and revenue growth in this area and to reach a 50,000 sub cluster in the Utah DMA this year. Our overall total market share of the Utah DMA will increase from 17.3% to 18.4% with this installation.”

Currently, Ad Systems is trading in the $1.01 range. With the exciting news and breakthrough technology, Ad Systems is a company that investors should watch. To learn more about Ad Systems Communications, visit the company website at: