Adam Lambert admitted that he got carried away on his performance at the American Music Awards last Sunday yet he did not issue an apology.

The sexually-charged moves of Lambert's performance included putting the face of one of his male dancers on his crotch and kissing a male musician on stage. ABC, the broadcasting network said it received 1,500 complaints and proceeded by canceling a concert of Lambert in New York City for Good Morning America.

Today, Lambert appeared on CBS' The Early Show to perform. During an interview Lambert said many of the moves that scandalized the audiences of the AMAs were not rehearse and that he was aware they caught ABC by surprise.

The singer said he didn't have to apologize to any family for showing obscene moves on stage. Instead, Lambert stated that he was focused on interpreting the lyrics of his song.

In addition, Lambert said that other performers also featured inappropriate contents for children citing Lady Gaga's smashing of whiskey bottles on stage and Eminem singing about rape and Janet Jackson groping a male dancer.