Adobe has released its Flash to HTML 5 conversion tool, codenamed Wallaby.

Wallaby is an application to convert Adobe Flash Professional CS5 files (.FLA) to HTML5 and its primary design goals were to get the best quality and performance on browsers within iOS devices like iPhone and iPad.

Wallaby has a very simple user interface, which accepts as input a FLA file and exports HTML and support files to a user-selected folder. There is also an option to launch the default application assigned for the .html extension, Adobe said.

The focus for this initial version of Wallaby is to do the best job possible of converting typical banner ads to HTML5 and supported Webkit browsers include Chrome and Safari on OSX, Windows, and iOS.

Meanwhile, Apple has improved the performance of its Safari browser in its software update to iOS 4.3 by adding the Nitro JavaScript engine, which runs JavaScript up to twice as fast as in iOS 4.2.2 allowing faster page loads.

Adobe said its conversion tool allows reusing and extending the reach of one's content to devices that do not support the Flash runtimes. Once these files are converted to HTML, a user can edit them with an HTML editing tool, such as Adobe Dreamweaver, or by hand if desired.

Adobe makes it clear that Wallaby's design goal was not to produce final form HTML ready for deployment to web pages. Instead it focuses on converting the rich animated graphical content into a form that can easily be imported into other web pages in development with web page design tools like Dreamweaver.

However, this initial version of Wallaby offers no support for conversion of ActionScript, Movies and Sound.

Wallaby is delivered as a stand-alone native AIR application installer and is a 32-bit application available for both Windows and Macintosh platforms.

Wallaby for Macintosh will work on both OS 10.5 and 10.6 although primary testing was with 10.6. For Windows, it will work with Windows 7, Windows Vista and Windows XP although primary testing was with Windows 7.

Following table shows the features supported and unsupported by Wallaby:

Feature Implementation Status Notes
3D transforms     Unsupported  
ActionScript 1,2   Unsupported  
ActionScript 3   Unsupported  
Blend Modes   Unsupported   Unsupported by HTML or CSS
Button - visuals (normal, hover, active)  SVG, CSS Complete   Buttons inside of a button are not supported
Button - events   Unsupported   Requires JavaScript for actions
Compiled Clips   Unsupported   Requires Actionscript support
Components   Unsupported   Most require Actionscript and Compiled Clip support
Fills - gradients or images  SVG Complete  
Fills - solid colors  SVG Complete  
Filters (DropShadow, Glow, Blur, ColorMatrix)  SVG Unsupported   Supported by SVG but not Safari and Safari Mobile
Filters - Advanced (Bevel, Gradient Bevel/Glow)   Unsupported   No SVG, HTML, or CSS support
FrameSets  HTML and Javascript Complete  
Gradients  SVG Complete  
Images  HTML or SVG Complete   A few formats have issues with alpha
Inverse Kinematics   Unsupported   Right click on the Armature and select 'Convert to Frame by Frame Animation'
Layers - Art/Normal  SVG Complete  
Layers - Folder   Complete  
Layers - Guide   Complete  
Layers - Mask SVG Mask Artwork, Webkit Clip Partial   No support for multiple framesets in Mask layer, several Webkit bugs
Scale 9 graphics   Unsupported   Need to dynamically scale
Paths - Cubic & Quadratic  SVG Complete  
Scenes   Complete  
Sound - Stream, Event   Unsupported  
Strokes - gradients or images   Unsupported  
Strokes - solid colors  SVG Partial   No advanced dashing (i.e. Dotted, Hatched, Stippled, Ragged)
Text - Classic Static  SVG Partial   Text Limitations
Text - Classic Dynamic, Input  SVG Partial   Text Limitations
Text - Font Embedding  SVG Complete   Text Limitations
Text - TLF  SVG Partial   Text Limitations
Timelines   Partial   Nested timelines difficult and there are a few known bugs
Tweening - Shape   Complete   One SVG file is created for each frame of a Shape Tween. This can cause a large number of SVG files for complex animations using Shape Tween leading to playback performance issues on iOS devices. Some of the complex cases may not convert correctly.