A crowd of thousands wasn’t enough to keep one little boy from seizing his moment to join Pope Francis onstage.

During the Pope’s speech during last weekend's Year of Faith celebration, a young boy walked on the stage as the pope addressed the massive crowd. Known only as “The Boy in Yellow,” the fearless young man was determined to stick close to the pope’s side during his address to around 150,000 people in Vatican City's St. Peter's Square, CBS News reports. Several cardinals attempted to persuade the boy off stage. But he brushed off their efforts, continuing to stand by the pope and even briefly hug his leg.

Pope Francis was in no way phased by the little boy’s presence, at one point patting him on the head as the youngster continued his impromptu performance. The pope eventually sat the young man in his chair as he finished his remarks -- but it was a stage crashing that the pope will certainly never forget.