The auto data processing (ADP) employment report is expected to show that the private sector shed 20,000 jobs in June, after adding 40,000 jobs in May, but as you can see the report is losing its credibility with time as we can almost see a very big divergence with the nonfarm payrolls. Yes it is considered as the closest reading to it but it did not prove to be consistent.

Disregarding how relevant the report is, we can not deny that the sensitivity of the markets became very high nowadays with a lot going on in the stocks market and in the currencies market, as all reaching to very important level and they can not move any further as they are waiting for any data to support one side over the other.

In another report, factory orders expected to climb 0.5% in the moth of May, fol-lowing 1.1% increase in April, supported by the fact that higher oil prices kept all the refineries going on full capacity. At the same time less demand and more pressure on consumer goods keeps soften the manufacturing process and cutting more factories production, balancing the equation, it is expected to see an im-provement on a slower pace than last month's.

The U.S. economy is in a phase where every single number in the equation counts big time, because you never know from where the leak might come, and you never know what sector can push the economy over the edge, yes the hous-ing market started it, the financial sector was week and made it worse, but who has the final word to put the economy in a recession?? That's what we need to watch out real close.

If they maintain all the small details, in all the sector, all across the nation, and played the cards right, they will be able to emerge from this crisis victorious, with a revived and vivid economy, and with a better comprehension of what should be done with all the old regulations that led to those failures, their reputations are on the test now, they either manage to be the best at what they do, or they don't, and in that case the economy will strive in the darkness of recession and who knows when it can be recovered again.