Dashcam footage from boxer Adrien Broner’s Jan. 11 drunk driving arrest in Sharonville, Ohio, was made public Friday. In the video, police spotted Broner speeding and driving erratically through a neighborhood and pulled him over to administer sobriety tests.

Broner performed poorly on the tests and appeared to slur his words when questioned by the officer. The 25-year-old boxer denied he was drunk and initially appeared to resist the officer’s request that he exit his vehicle.

“Ya’ll don’t even know who you arrested. If ya’ll did, I’d be on the news right now,” Broner said in the video, which TMZ Sports obtained.

The boxer remained cordial with the arresting officers, declaring that he was “blessed” to have a boxing career that has earned him “over $100 million.” Broner mostly cooperated with the officer’s requests, though he refused to submit to a Breathalyzer test, which could result in the suspension of his driver’s license if he’s convicted of operating a vehicle while impaired, the Cincinnati Enquirer reports.

Broner pleaded not guilty to the OVI charge and was slated to appear in court April 9; the case is expected to be heard by a jury. A trial date has yet to be announced. “It’s very early in the process. He maintains his innocence,” his attorney Will Welsh told the Cincinnati Enquirer.

The boxer defeated John Molina Jr. by unanimous decision on March 6 in his most recent bout, ESPN reported. “Even a vicious guy like Molina, I didn’t go nowhere. I jabbed and took every shot he threw and gave back mine. And I won unanimously,” Broner said after the fight.

Broner holds a 30-1 professional record, with 22 victories by knockout. He was previously arrested and charged with battery in March 2013 after he allegedly bit a bouncer at a Miami nightclub, ESPN reported.