A porn Web site has proposed to buy the rights of the Kim Kardashian sex tape and put it on their Web site for free viewing.

Kim was in news first for her high-profile wedding and now for the much hyped sex tape.

Earlier, there were possibilities that the sex tape will be put on ice as some “mystery buyer” claimed to pay big bucks and “completely remove the sex tape from the market.”

However, now an adult Web site — Pornhub.com, wants to buy it.

According to TMZ sources, in a letter to Vivid Entertainment’s head, Steven Hirsch, the porn Web site's officials said that they are willing to offer $5 million for the sex tape.

Based on its long term value, it looks like $30 million would be a starting point for a discussion on all of the rights, Hirsch told TMZ.

The site “respectfully disagrees” with Hirsch’s value of tape, which is $30 million. The site says the DVD market is dying and online is where it is at.

With the hot and sexy Kim Kardashian’s sex video on its site, the porn Web site's intentions to gain immense popularity by being in news and dragging more visitors to it is very clear. It already claims to be the largest adult Web site.