Today, Aduromed Industries, Inc. announced that it will now be recognized as MedClean Technologies, Inc., marking the official launch of its business plan to become the leader in the $2 billion market opportunity for onsite regulated medical waste (RMW) treatment at hospitals and other healthcare facilities. At least for the time being, the company's common shares will continue to trade under the ticker ADRM.

“MedClean Technologies is the result of our efforts to create a break-out business model that makes it easy for healthcare institutions to embrace the Company’s onsite solutions for RMW treatment and management, which help hospitals reduce expenses, mitigate risks, and protect the environment,” stated Scott Grisanti, President CEO of MedClean.

The company will be using its established technology along with future advancements and a new, customer-focused business model to deliver fully integrated on-demand solutions for the treatment and volume reduction of RMW and HIPAA-compliant destruction of confidential documents. The proprietary MedClean Container Series configuration enables easy access to hospital utilities, as well as options for on-board utilities in the event that electric is not easily accessible.

“In short, the advanced MedClean system will lower expenses, reduce the environmental impact, and eliminate unnecessary risks for hospitals,” added Mr. Grisanti. “These messages, along with our attractive pricing options, will resonate with cost and image-conscious healthcare organizations. We also believe the new model will enable us to target a far wider range of healthcare organizations, benefiting our shareholders and enabling us to scale revenue more rapidly compared to prior business models.”