Today, leading plastic recycler and green products manufacturer, Advanced Environmental Recycling Technologies, Inc., announced that the final approval for startup of AERT’s new recycling facility in Watts, Oklahoma was granted by the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality. The initial run will take place Thursday afternoon. The announcement follows two weeks of extensive checks and calibrations.

Recycling technologies at AERT’s new facility allows the company to recycle notoriously difficult polyethylene sources, creating a much broader range of feed stocks for AERT’s composite manufacturing plants in Arkansas. AERT’s new recycling facility met expectations and all recycled plastic processed through the system met initial quality specifications. Over the next few weeks, AERT will complete a series of tests and the company will verify compliance with nameplate capacity during that period.

Regarding the opening of the Watts recycling facility, AERT President Tim Morrison stated, “AERT appreciates the support and cooperation of the State of Oklahoma, the Cherokee Nation, Allstate Investments, Adair County, local government entities, and the United States Departments of Commerce and Energy, and acknowledges the exceptional work completed by Crossland Construction and AERT’s own project team. We are proud and excited to have completed construction of this state of the art, world class plastic recycling facility near Watts, Oklahoma.”

AERT CEO Joe Brooks added, “We are pleased that this vision is now becoming a commercial reality as AERT’s composite business is beginning to gain additional sales momentum going into the decking season. The AERT team believes in the future of America and we are proud to move forward with this game changer project. The company’s Green-age plastic recycling facility will soon become a worldwide example of Green manufacturing.”