Organic Growing Systems, Inc. (OGSI), a subsidiary of Advanced Growing Systems, Inc., announced that enVentive Solutions, Inc., working together with OGSI personnel, has completed the initial phase of plant reengineering to bring daily fertilizer production to 250+ tons per day.

“The first phase of the re-engineering process focusing on raw material handling, debris and moisture control has been completed. This phase included completely rebuilding the entire front-end that feeds lines 1 and 3 to furnish a consistent quality of incoming raw material,” stated Mark D. Nichols, President of Organic Growing Systems, Inc.

“Our immediate expectation from these changes is to reach approximately 100 tons per day of production capacity,” added Nichols. “Additional tweaking and upgrading of the lines will be an on-going process with an ultimate goal of delivering over 250 tons per day.”

Mike Kilchrist, President and COO of enVentive Solutions, Inc. commented: “The enVentive team has detailed a ‘Continuous Production Improvement Program’ aimed at making small, continuous changes in the entire plant operations. The initial emphasis has been focused on producing a consistent quality of raw material feedstock. The next phases in the program will involve incremental steps of equipment upgrades, more in-depth personnel training, improved and detailed operating procedures, product quality improvements, and data acquisition that will provide additional operating information for analysis. These improvements are expected to increase output, reduce cost, and insure consistent product quality.”