Advanced Growing Systems, Inc.’s subsidiary, Organic Growing Systems, Inc. (OGSI), announced that it has selected enVentive Solutions, Inc. to serve as its lead engineer and operational consultant at the organic fertilizer manufacturing facility in Monticello, MS. EnVentive will be responsible for establishing plant operating procedures and material handling protocol with the objective of bringing daily fertilizer production to 250+ tons per day.

“enVentive understands our business and is currently instrumental in developing and delivering our unique organic chemistry. However, after reviewing their team’s core competencies, we felt it was time to ask for their help,” commented Mark Nichols, President of OGSI. “We invited them to the plant with the sole purpose of ascertaining their abilities to solve our immediate production issues and were pleasantly surprised with the result. By 6:00AM the following morning, we had multiple solid recommendations to ramp production, increase capacity, and a strong desire on their part to get started.”

He added, “We recognize that our strongest expertise lies in our ability to effectively market and sell products through large distribution channels. Our primary challenge over the last 18 months has been trying to meet the burgeoning demand for our proprietary organic fertilizer. By partnering with enVentive, we believe we have found the solution to not only increase but to be able to maintain consistent production capacity. We believe that their team’s ability to manufacture in volume, combined with our ability to sell, will allow us to continue to drive revenue while exposing and capturing substantial additional margin.”

Jack Cowan, founder of enVentive Solutions, stated, “As opposed to being only a normal vendor, enVentive believes that it is in the mutual interest of both companies for our firm to become actively involved in helping to develop an exceptional sales and advancement opportunity in the organic fertilizer market. To this end, enVentive plans to partner and help accelerate the development and production of OGSI’s proprietary organic fertilizer in a joint effort.”