Located in Woodridge, Illinois, Advanced Life Sciences is a state-of-the-art biopharmaceutical company that is engaged in the discovery, development and commercialization of novel drugs in the therapeutic areas of infection, cancer and respiratory diseases. One such disease that Advanced Life is fighting to combat is Tularemia.

Tularemia is a deadly bacterial disease that is commonly transmitted to humans through contact with infected rodents or through insects that carry Francisella tularensis, which is classified by the Department of Defense and Department of Health and Human Services as one of the most deadly serious biological weapons along with anthrax and plague.

Today, Advanced Life Sciences Holdings made a major announcement that has the potential to enhance the future of their company. The company stated that they received positive top-line results from a pivotal, non-human primate study of its novel, once-a-day, oral antibiotic Restanza against an inhaled lethal dose of tularemia.

Advanced Life Sciences conducted a 14-day course of Restanza and achieved an amazing 100% survival rate at the doses tested. These results soared past the survival rate of animals that received placebo proving that Restanza may be the antibiotic to once and for all combat Tularemia.

When asked about the results of Restanza, Advanced Life Sciences Chairman and CEO Michael T. Flavin was quoted as saying, “We believe that the impressive survival data in tularemia, combined with previously reported survival data in anthrax and plague, confirm the profile of Restanza as a potent, broad spectrum medical countermeasure for biodefense and underscore Restanza’s impressive efficacy and safety against lethal pathogens which could represent significant threats to public health and safety.”

Currently, Advanced Life Sciences Holdings is trading in the $0.22 range. With these impressive tests, a leader such as Michael Flavin in place and a solid financial core, Advanced Life Sciences may be a diamond in the over-the-counter rough.

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