The bioscience research sector is a risky and interesting one. Millions of dollars need to be put up in advance for a potentially lucrative pay-off. Getting there, however, is the trick as there is absolutely no guarantee that the product will be approved, or for that matter, actually work as hoped. Herein lies the issue, how to fund a project, make the product work and get it approved and marketed. If a company can pull each of these rabbits from the hat, its investors will profit handsomely.

Advanced Life Sciences Inc., a biopharmaceutical company, works to manufacture and market pharmaceuticals directed at infectious disease, respiratory disease and oncology. The company has recently transferred its listing to OTC bulletin board and will hold its first financial guidance for this transfer May 12, 2009.

From a general point of view, the company has a solid product base spanning the spectrum of pipeline development. It also holds agreements and contract relationships with a wide variety of marketing and research organizations. These organizations include: Wyeth Pharmaceuticals, Baxter International, University of Illinois at Chicago the National Institute of Allergy and Infection Disease and the Defense Science Laboratory of the United Kingdom.

The company’s most promising product, directed at community acquired pneumonia, is Cethromycin. The product has recently finished Phase III trials in 5,200 patients and shows promising results with gram-positive bacteria. With the company’s solid marketing relationships, this new product once approved will offer solid revenue potential. It would not be out of the realm of possibility that the company will be acquired. This would, however, be speculation as it does seem to have a solid structure in place to accomplish its goals by itself.

However, additional capital is indeed need at the moment. A larger pharmaceutical company may find this need attractive and take advantage to restock its product pipe-line. For the moment though, Advanced Life Sciences is in a solid position and ready to capitalize on not only its new product, but its pre-clinical natural-based chemistry platform well into the future.