This month marks Advanced Visual Systems Inc.’s eighteenth year of operations. The Boston-area company, which has provided software and solutions to over 2,000 customers and an estimated 10 million end-users, was one of the first to commercialize data visualization technology and now offers a lineup of six branded products that serve the diverse needs of global corporations, software makers, researchers and engineers.

David M. Murray, CEO, stated, “With nearly two decades of experience providing software and solutions to a long list of leading global corporations, AVS understands what all types of decision-makers need to succeed. Our early customers were software developers and researchers working on smaller, specialized projects. But for the past decade, our customers are more frequently executives trying to squeeze every drop of efficiency out of their business — and they are using data visualization as a key component of that process.”

Murray added, “AVS is a unique software company, in that the average tenure of each employee is nine years and that almost 100 current customers have used our software for the life of the company. In today’s rapidly shifting software landscape, those are distinguished metrics that we are extremely proud of.”

AVS customers include BAE Systems, Boeing, BP, CA, General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, NASA, PeopleSoft and over 2,000 organizations in nearly every industry.

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