Advanced Visual Systems Inc., a data visualization software innovator, announced today that it will be spinning off a new technology for monitoring and managing Enterprise IT and revenue networks. The company is in discussion with several potential partners and anticipates the debut of the spin off before year-end.

The new entity, in which AVS will hold a significant stake, will be known as VizStar. The spinoff will develop comprehensive solutions for Enterprise use with AVS’s well-established OpenViz technology which has been widely applied in the fields of business intelligence, customer analytics and risk management and is highly suited to visualize sophisticated real-time Enterprise operations.

David M. Murray, President of AVS, stated, “Based upon our experience working with several visionary Enterprise accounts, we see an emerging demand for real-time solutions that reveal the hidden stresses and inefficiencies of large corporate IT and revenue networks. Our plan is to create applications that not just identify performance issues — but also provide ways to easily test and implement changes that will directly lead to improved profitability.”

Once formed, VizStar intends to immediately commence development of a solution for use by IT professionals to monitor, manage, and administer the capacities and requirements of sophisticated computer, communication and disaster recovery networks. VizStar customers will benefit from increased utilization of IT assets and a significant reduction in energy consumption.

The company also plans to develop a branded solution that will tap into Enterprise business intelligence, ERP and revenue systems and allow executives to explore “what-if” scenarios to discover more profitable methods of operating and interacting with customers.

Murray added, “We believe that VizStar customers will achieve new levels of performance optimization with high performance solutions that save time, money, energy and effort. The name of the game in Enterprise software is improving the speed and quality of decisions, and we’re planning to deliver with exceptional value and results.”

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