Advanced Visual Systems Inc., an innovator of data visualization software and solutions, announced this morning that its common stock began trading on the OTC Pink Sheets on September 15, 2009. The company, founded in 1991, develops and markets powerful technology used by corporations, software makers and research organizations to add graphically-rich analysis features to business intelligence systems, corporate dashboards, research projects and high performance computing programs.

Data visualization converts corporate, technical and scientific information into highly expressive graphics that allow many dimensions of data to be viewed simultaneously, revealing patterns, trends and anomalies that can be difficult to detect using traditional forms of analysis. Working with over 2,000 clients (including twenty percent of the Fortune 100) since its formation, AVS’ five core software products are used in a vast array of industries and helped revolutionize the way that decisions are made.

According to David M. Murray, CEO, “The many industries that AVS serves are developing exciting new practices to analyze their customers, products and performance, and data visualization has become an integral part of that process. We believe that our listing on the OTC will enable us to expand our product and service offerings in concert with global trends in business intelligence, analytics and high performance computing—all of which are established lines of business for AVS.”

Headquartered in Waltham, MA, the company maintains sales and customer support operations in London and Berlin. The company’s leading product for business intelligence and analytics, OpenViz, is used by two of the top three global software companies and other innovative solution providers and corporations. The company’s flagship software product for technical and scientific data visualization, AVS/Express, is used by hundreds of leading research facilities, universities and corporations.

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