Advanced Visual Systems, Boston-based producer of advanced data visualization systems, combines high-performance visualization software and ease of use in its AVS/Express offering, resulting in one of the most popular such systems in the world. AVS/Express is a comprehensive and versatile software system that allows any type and size of database to be processed and rendered visually, making complex relationships much easier to deal with. Support for leading 64-bit high performance platforms permits visualization of multi-gigabyte datasets. Cross-platform compatibility allows deployment on multiple systems without changing any code.

AVS/Express works with all leading platforms, and represents the most comprehensive solution for the development and display of complex scientific, research, and industrial data. Users can quickly customize solutions using a powerful drag-and-drop programming interface. One-click Wizards make it simple to import data, filter, annotate, animate, and add hundreds of data visualizations techniques.

The system has been successfully deployed in a wide range of high-performance implementations requiring the highest levels of processing power, reliability, and flexibility, including the following:

• Oil & gas exploration
• Finance
• Manufacturing simulation
• Process simulation
• Medicine
• Remote sensing
• Material sciences
• Marine technology
• Micro-mechanical systems
• Fluid dynamics
• Electromagnetics
• Finite element analysis
• Test and measurement
• Solid-state physics
• Image analysis
• Astrophysics
• Computational chemistry
• Environmental sciences
• Geophysics
• Transportation simulation

Because of its ability to run on a large number multiple platforms, AVS/Express reduces future costs by leveraging existing hardware investments. It supports more platforms than any other high-performance computing visualization system.

Given all this, it’s no surprise that a global network of AVS users now exists to actively contribute and share knowledge, plus AVS/Express code examples, through a dynamic forum.

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