Advanced Visual Systems, an industry-leading data visualization software company, provides a fundamental product, applicable to virtually any type of business or technical environment. AVS products allow users to express any type and quantity of data as highly interactive 2D and 3D presentations. These capabilities can also be integrated with new or existing applications.

A prime example of the AVS offering portfolio is OpenViz, a high-powered data visualization engine. OpenViz fully leverages the power of the Internet as an open and standards-based development system, allowing the conversion of any type or volume of corporate data into easily understood visualizations.

Designed for use by independent software vendors, as well as corporate application developers and solution providers, OpenViz opens a new dimension in data visualization. The system can serve from 10 to 10,000 users, allowing everyone to make faster and more accurate decisions by making better use of the sophisticated visual capabilities of the human mind.

The power of OpenViz is based upon five key elements:

1) Flexibility – OpenViz offers more features and options than any other data visualization platform. Users can tap into rich visual libraries, providing hundreds of charts, maps, and techniques, or create proprietary components using the feature-packed OpenViz SDK.
2) Customization – OpenViz allows unprecedented user control over graphics look and feel, including legends, fonts, text direction, and integration with other graphics and media.
3) Interactivity – Users quickly learn to use and appreciate the intuitive hands-on capabilities of OpenViz. Massive amounts of data can be quickly reduced, manipulated, and analyzed, through filtering, zooming, and many other tools.
4) Analytics – OpenViz makes large and complex dataset manipulation and query management simple, avoiding round trips to outside servers and applications so common with lesser systems.
5) Performance – OpenViz is fully scalable, customizable, and extensible, designed to meet the needs of any enterprise.

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