Advanced Visual Systems Inc.’s data visualization software system, Openviz, is being used by leading global corporations and software makers to provide executives with up-to-the-minute performance metrics in corporate dashboards. With the ability to provide easy-to-understand snapshots of many different business measures and enable early detection of sub-par performance, dashboards continue to gain popularity among corporate decision-makers.

Providing highly interactive graphics software to display these measures, AVS has been the technology provider and solution designer for distinguished implementations at Fortune 500 companies. OpenViz is capable of processing extremely large datasets — frequently in the tens of millions of data points — and is incredibly efficient at integrating many different types of data with business rules and sophisticated analytics, resulting in interactive graphs that intuitively reveal hidden patterns, trends and anomalies in corporate data.

OpenViz has distinguished itself in the fast-growing dashboard marketplace by providing a vast range of options for the display of data and exceptional performance. Today, AVS announced that the next version will introduce a large number of new data visualization techniques that will enable corporate and software companies to further enrich their dashboard initiatives with innovative techniques that aid end-users in the comprehension of all types of business information.

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