• Google Books Gets Rare Win with French Publisher

    August 09 2011 8:10 AM EDT

    Victories have been few and far between in the Google Books project, but a new deal with a French publisher may be a signal that the online library's fortunes are changing.

  • Lucky Version 13 Lets Google Chrome Read Your Mind

    August 08 2011 8:51 AM EDT

    No, not exactly, but Chrome 13.0.782.107 (Chrome 13 stable for short) features the highly-touted Instant Pages feature. Ironically, this uses the same basic theory as the classic dial-up modem era's "Turbo Downloader!" (or various other similarly-named features) which pre-loads web pages before the user decides to click on them.

  • HTC acquires Dashwire (and its Patents)

    August 08 2011 8:48 AM EDT

    HTC has acquired Dashwire Inc. in a deal that many are saying will be a useful tool in future patent litigation.

  • iOS 5 Developer Beta Speech-to-Text Pic Leaked

    August 08 2011 8:45 AM EDT

    The rumored speech-to-text functionality in the upcoming iOS 5.0 release has been substantiated with some leaked images...going a long way toward indicating that Assistant may be on-rack for iPhone 5.

  • US Federal Judge Denies Appeal to Return Streaming Domains

    August 08 2011 8:43 AM EDT

    A United States Federal judge has given a seal of approval to the summary seizure of foreign websites.

  • ISPs Regularly Hijack Searches for Profit, Study Shows

    August 08 2011 8:40 AM EDT

    A recent study shows that a single company is responsible for a number of small ISPs making extra money using nefarious search engine hijacks.

  • Vegas in August: Ground Zero for Hackers of All Kinds

    August 08 2011 8:34 AM EDT

    Over the past week, Las Vegas has been the destination of more than a few of the nation's best and brightest when it comes to the critical field of security research. In other words, the hackers have descended upon Sin City.

  • Merit Financial: Checkmate - The Credit Rating Downgrade, The Chain Reaction and Gold

    August 08 2011 8:20 AM EDT

    History books may one day look back on last Friday, August 5th, 2011, as a turning point for the global economy. Over the weekend, the news has spread like wildfire that the credit of the United States has been downgraded from its triple-A status for the first time ever. Though most analysts knew this was coming, it?s still sending shockwaves through global markets. Markets throughout Asia traded lower by over 3% last night, and Dow Futures were down over 270 points at last check. This continue...

  • Month-long ?Seoul Sizzling Sweepstakes? Heats Up Through August

    August 07 2011 6:26 PM EDT

    Seoul's top attractions are currently in the spotlight during this month's Seoul Sizzling Sweepstakes, organized by the Seoul Tourism Organization (STO) to give international visitors a taste of what makes the Korean capital a great city for both business and fun.

  • AntiSec's 'Shooting Sheriffs Saturday Release' Dumps 10GB of Police Info

    August 07 2011 8:24 AM EDT

    10GB of data concerning law enforcement officials has been leaked by the hacktivists known as AntiSec, largely a combination of the anarchic global Anonymous group and the smaller and more recently publicized LulzSec.

  • Creator of 'IE IQ' Hoax Provides Motives, Suspicious Tell-Tale Signs

    August 07 2011 8:22 AM EDT

    The headlines were all variations of the same theme: "Study proves IE users are dumber". It took about a week for the truth to come out -- that those of us who believed it were the dummies.

  • Do-It-Yourself Hacker Drone Highlight of Hacker Conference

    August 07 2011 8:19 AM EDT

    Anyone who is confident in their own security should (or shouldn't) make a point to stop by the Black Hat and DefCon conferences, the annual security researcher (or 'hacker', if you prefer) conventions in Las Vegas. Attendees include security professionals, interested amateurs, government officials and more...many of whom get together to learn from and be inspired by each other to make technology do things that most people would never expect (let alone be completely comfortable with!).

  • Cybercriminals Use 'Pottermore' Mania to Infect Harry Potter Fans

    August 07 2011 8:16 AM EDT

    As far as cybersecurity is concerned, it may be more dangerous right now to be a Harry Potter fan than to be a government official.

  • The Internet Celebrates its 20th Birthday

    August 07 2011 8:14 AM EDT

    It was 20 years ago today. No, not Sgt. Pepper -- the World Wide Web, the Internet as we know it, which became public on August 6th, 1991.

  • Indicted 'Spam King' Surrenders to FBI in Vegas

    August 07 2011 8:11 AM EDT

    The notorious "Spam King" Sanford Wallace surrendered himself to federal authorities on Thursday, and is now facing numerous criminal charges for hacking Facebook.

  • Amazon Web Services Announces New Features to Lure Enterprise Users

    August 06 2011 3:52 PM EDT

    On Thursday, AWS (Amazon Web Services) began a newly concerted campaign to attract the coveted enterprise sector to its cloud.

  • Free FBI App for Missing Children

    August 06 2011 3:50 PM EDT

    The FBI has entered the app developer world with Child ID, a mobile app which stores information that could help find lost children.

  • Chinese State Paper Responds to Operation Shady RAT Assumptions

    August 06 2011 3:48 PM EDT

    China's official Communist Party newspaper has come out against assumptions that the unnamed nation responsible for Operation Shady RAT refers to China.

  • Windows Phone Market Share Drops Rapidly

    August 05 2011 7:02 PM EDT

    While this months' smartphone market share metrics have Android celebrating and Apple fans claiming that market share isn't everything, there is one mobile operating system platform that has no joy: Microsoft. ComScore has the US market share dropping from 7.5 percent in the first quarter of 2011 to 5.8 percent in the second quarter.

  • AT&T to Cancel Unlimited Plans of Those Caught Tethering

    August 05 2011 4:55 PM EDT

    Unauthorized tethering jailbreakers beware -- your unlimited data plans are in danger of being revoked by AT&T.