• Google Lawyer Claims Microsoft, Apple Patent Conspiracy

    August 05 2011 10:15 AM EDT

    Google and Microsoft are slugging it out over social media, as the finest legal minds of both companies grab for the high ground in a tussle over the escalating patent wars.

  • Merit Financial: Meltdown - The Relationship between Currencies and Gold

    August 05 2011 9:36 AM EDT

    Stock markets around the world continued their brutal slide this morning. Last week proved to be the worst trading week for the DOW in more than 32 months, while other global securities markets followed in suit amidst the US debt ceiling debate. This week has proven to be even worse. Just this morning, the dollar lost more than 1.2% against the Euro, the DOW is down nearly 2%, and the S&P and Nasdaq are down 2.2% and 2.5% respectively. Needless to say, the last 8 trading days have done more dama...

  • Google Acquires Dealmap to Boost Offers

    August 05 2011 9:11 AM EDT

    For a few weeks, there have been rumors that Google would acquire a discount deal startup named The DealMap.

  • Smartphones: Android Leads in Market Share, Apple in Manufacturing

    August 05 2011 9:08 AM EDT

    Google?s Android OS accounts for half of the smartphones in the world...or does it? And even if it does, is this as meaningful as it sounds?

  • Windows XP Used By Less than Half, Finally

    August 05 2011 9:06 AM EDT

    It?s been ten years in coming, but Windows XP market share has finally dropped below 50%.

  • Microsoft Location Tracking ?Bug? Fixed

    August 04 2011 8:02 PM EDT

    At the end of last week, a security researcher at Stanford named Elie Bursztein discovered that Microsoft was the latest culprit of location tracking shenanigans. Over the next few days, the subject flared back into prominence and the company sprang into quick action.

  • iCloud Update: Website Live, Pricing Announced

    August 04 2011 7:53 PM EDT

    After a few weeks of nothing but rumors regarding Apple?s hotly anticipated cloud-based storage service, iCloud, the first week of August provided a few choice bites of actual facts.

  • Zuckerberg Sister Resigns from Facebook

    August 04 2011 6:35 PM EDT

    Randi Zuckerberg, sister of Mark and head of marketing at Facebook, is leaving her position to head up her own social media company, called RtoZ Media.

  • Facebook Facial Recognition Given German Warning

    August 04 2011 6:01 PM EDT

    A German agency has sent Facebook a request to disable the facial recognition feature, and to delete any data that the software had collected.

  • 5 Year International Campaign of Cyberattacks Uncovered

    August 03 2011 3:20 PM EDT

    Cybersecurity firm McAfee revealed details of a vast operation of malware, phishing, and snooping that stretches back to at least 2006 and comes from one specific country -- although McAfee stops short of pointing fingers.

  • Skype Arrives on iPad, Then Isn?t, and Then Is Again

    August 03 2011 8:04 AM EDT

    For anyone familiar with the premature video release in June, Tuesday morning must have seemed like deja vu. The long-awaited Skype app for Apple?s iPad appeared in the iTunes store but then disappeared -- apparently it had been released ahead of schedule.

  • Apple vs. Samsung: Galaxy Held Up in Australia, ITC to Take Closer Look

    August 02 2011 4:54 PM EDT

    On Tuesday, the ongoing saga of Apple vs. Samsung began an even more serious chapter as Samsung halted Australian imports of the Galaxy and the ITC agreed to take Apple?s ?cease and desist? request to the next level.

  • Merit Financial: Debt Deal Made but Gold Keeps Running

    August 02 2011 1:03 PM EDT

    The deadline to raise the national debt has arrived. In a last minute vote Monday, the House of Representatives passed a bill by a vote of 268 to 161, which institutes spending cuts while raising the debt ceiling by approximately $2.5 trillion. The Senate has approved the bill today, sending it to the President to be signed into law. So after all the grandstanding and media hype, it looks as though the looming catastrophe has been diverted, and that the US won?t default after all.

  • Chrome Passes Firefox in UK Browser Market Share Report

    August 02 2011 7:50 AM EDT

    Google?s Chrome browser has overtaken Mozilla?s Firefox to become the number two browser in the UK, according to market share metrics provided by StatCounter.

  • Twitter Update: New Funding, New Languages

    August 02 2011 7:47 AM EDT

    On Monday, Twitter made two significant announcements: two new languages have been added to its growing list of languages, and a big fresh boost of funding has been raised.

  • AT&T Cites T-Mobile Deal As Cause for New ?Throttling?

    July 30 2011 11:13 AM EDT

    AT&T will be throttling users who download too much, apparently to make the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile seem more necessary.

  • Merit Financial: The Debt Showdown and the Perfect Gold Buy

    July 28 2011 12:59 PM EDT

    After today, there are only two trading days remaining until the August 2nd deadline, when the US Treasury will no longer be able to meet its obligations if no deal is made to increase the debt ceiling. Gold saw some selling pressure this morning as traders took profits and raised cash ahead of a weekend that is likely to be riddled with uncertainty. That said, the metal still maintains a bullish technical posture, and is close to strong support at $1600 per ounce. Don?t be surprised to see som...

  • Google?s Page Speed Service Takes Your Page and Makes it Faster

    July 28 2011 12:51 PM EDT

    Google has long been known for a simple, streamlined approach; the company?s flagship search engine put an early and enduring premium on an uncluttered approach and plenty of white space.

  • Mango Spotted on Smartphone, Likely Fall Release

    July 28 2011 12:49 PM EDT

    An upcoming Fujitsu Toshiba phone is the first sport Microsoft's Windows Phone 7.5 update, codenamed "Mango".

  • Social Media Event Spotlights Seoul?s Top Attractions

    July 28 2011 11:51 AM EDT

    Seoul will be promoting itself as a business and entertainment capital next month by showcasing various attractions including the 'Seoul Sizzling Sweepstakes', a special promotion designed to give international visitors a taste of what makes the Korean capital a great city for both business and fun.