• Coke v/s Pepsi
    Now, Coke and Pepsi Wage ‘Musical War’

    September 21 2011 3:20 AM EDT

    Coca-Cola and Pepsi have been rivals from the time they entered the market over a century ago. Both the brands are waging a global advertisement war, trying to dominate the soft drink market share in every possible way.

  • IBTRADE Alternative Investment CTA Database
    Is A Managed Investment in Futures Right For Your Portfolio?

    September 07 2011 4:13 PM EDT

    Investors looking for Managed Futures accounts or alternative investments may have a harder time finding money managers that suit their investment profiles than those in other asset classes such as equities. For the very high net-worth individual and institutions, Managed Futures or Alternative Investments are commonly related to Hedge Funds.

  • Social Media Success for Seoul Convention Bureau

    August 29 2011 8:42 PM EDT

    On August 29th the Seoul Convention Bureau (SCB) successfully wrapped-up a month-long online promotion that involved over 25 local businesses and over 700 contestants.

  • Week in Tech: Jobs Resigns, TouchPad Craze, GameStop Caught, EU Bans

    August 27 2011 12:39 PM EDT

    The past week started with the last thing that anyone in the last week (or any previous week) could have expected: a run on TouchPads. When HP announced last week that the company was getting out of the consumer hardware game, many pointed to the disappointing sales of the company's TouchPad tablets. But when HP dropped the price of the TouchPad to $99 ($149 for the 32GB model), consumers couldn't get them fast enough.

  • FCC Investigates Earthquake Cell Disruption As Irene Touches Down

    August 27 2011 12:34 PM EDT

    While cell phone users on the East Coast are bracing for Hurricane Irene, the Federal Communications Commission is looking into the previous outages and network overloads caused by Tuesday's earthquake.

  • Will Apple Corp Stay Rosy After Jobs?

    August 27 2011 12:23 PM EDT

    News of Steve Job's resignation from the CEO position of Apple has sent shockwaves throughout the tech world, the stock market, and the legions of Apple fans -- but most importantly, the company itself.

  • Q2 Report: Pandora's First Public Results Promising

    August 27 2011 12:20 PM EDT

    Online music service Pandora released its second quarter financial report on Thursday, the first such statement made after the company went public.

  • Google to Shut Down Social App Unit 'Slide'

    August 26 2011 3:06 PM EDT

    Google announced on Thursday that the company will be closing down Slide and intends to retire Slide's apps in the upcoming months, including Slideshow, SuperPoke! Pets, Video Inbox, Pool Party, and the recently-released Photovine.

  • FCC Restarts Clock on AT&T T-Mobile Deal

    August 26 2011 2:33 PM EDT

    The FCC has heard enough, apparently; on Friday, the Federal Communications Commission announced that enough information had been received to go forward with the review of the proposed acquisition of T-Mobile by AT&T.

  • With $500m Settlement, Google Dodges US Govt Pharm Probe Prosecution

    August 26 2011 8:27 AM EDT

    In what a federal attorney calls 'one of the largest settlements in U. S. history', Google has agreed to forfeit $500 million to the United States government for allowing Canadian pharmacies to advertise drugs to U. S. consumers.

  • EA Games' EULA Protested for Privacy Invasion

    August 25 2011 6:30 PM EDT

    With upcoming games such as Battlefield 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic, Electronic Arts' products are certain to be bound for a lot of PCs. According to a growing group of unhappy gamers, however, EA's Origin digital distribution system will be going much too deeply into their PCs.

  • BlackBerry's Music Service Confirmed, Beta Commences

    August 25 2011 6:01 PM EDT

    BlackBerry's new music service is official, with features, pricing, and music industry deals confirmed.

  • No Samsung Galaxy S II for Verizon?

    August 25 2011 4:56 PM EDT

    Reputable sources claim that Verizon has no plans to offer Samsung's popular Galaxy S II smartphone.

  • Chinese Doc Clip Shows Cyberwar Capabilities

    August 25 2011 3:36 PM EDT

    A leaked clip from Chinese documentary may have inadvertently proven long-denied allegations that China is actively engaged in cyberwarfare.

  • German Samsung Ban Upheld; Galaxy Tab to be a No-Show for IFA Berlin

    August 25 2011 2:51 PM EDT

    Germany has upheld the ban on Samsung devices, dashing the company's hopes for relief from the injunction before a major European electronics trade show.

  • Square Enix Defends GameStop's Tampering

    August 25 2011 1:43 PM EDT

    The controversy over GameStop's backroom hijinks has been resolved for the time being, as Square Enix officially defended GameStop's right to remove third-party coupons.

  • Google Adds +2 Features to +1 Button

    August 25 2011 9:11 AM EDT

    Google's simple +1 button just got more interesting.

  • Power Your Smartphone by Walking

    August 25 2011 9:09 AM EDT

    Recharging your cell phone simply by walking may soon be a reality, according to a paper in the journal Nature Communications.

  • McAfee Report: More Risk When Using Android, Adobe

    August 25 2011 9:07 AM EDT

    The McAfee Threats Report for Q2 2011 sees the Android OS at the top of the mobile risk list, Apple's iOS and HP's WebOS at the bottom. The report also shows that Adobe has outpaced Microsoft in exploited vulnerabilities.

  • Nokia Releases Three Symbian Belle Handsets

    August 25 2011 9:05 AM EDT

    Nokia announced three new handsets on Wednesday, all sporting the new version of Symbian OS.