Aerius International Inc. provides cellular phone antenna technologies and phones equipped with these technologies for the wireless communication industry globally. The Company distributes their products directly, and via manufacturers’ representatives, and engineering and sales personnel. Aerius International Inc. trades on the Pink Sheets and they have their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The Company’s phones are tested and proven by GSM and CDMA carriers and in independent certified labs globally. Their phones add 300 percent to 600 percent (3dB to 6dB) more power to carrier RF link margins. This is in comparison to the same phone with its standard antenna. Furthermore, the phones operate more efficiently using less power and double a subscriber’s available airtime.

In addition, with widespread carrier integration of Aerius International Inc.’s phones, significant dollars are saved in cell site power requirements. This integration delivers up to two times higher network capacity per site, and reduces the need for cell sites in new build-outs 30 percent.

Today, Aerius International Inc. announced that they signed an exclusive agreement to license their innovative cell phone antenna technology. This is to PowerIdea, a major cell phone manufacturer in Shenzhen, China. PowerIdea will produce Aerius equipped phones for children globally. The market for children’s phones is a major growth area in the cellular industry. Cell phones for children now represent a major form of communication between parent and child. The expectation is that initial sales samples of the new phone will deliver in approximately 90 days.

“Compared to other cell phone tests of Aerius technology equipped phones by carriers, the FCC, and independent CTIA Authorized labs worldwide show Aerius increases battery life 3 to 5 hours, doubles their coverage area, reduces dropped calls over 60%, and reduces handset power loss into users or SAR an average 99.4%,” said Aerius CEO, Bill Luxon.

Aerius won a 2009 Frost & Sullivan Green Technologies Award in wireless technologies. The basing of the award was on the Company’s ability to increase battery life 66 percent, reduce dropped calls 60 percent, and virtually eliminate handset power loss into users.