'Google' was the brand with the greatest impact around the world in 2006 for the second consecutive year, according to the results of a new survey.

Online branding magazine BrandingChannel.com’s annual survey during November and December of 3,636 visitors showed that the Internet search leader’s efforts to grow regionally and enhance its services boosted the brand once again.

Google Inc. expanded its online advertising program, brought its e-mail service to mobile devices, and launched new blogging services last year, seizing the top spot, ahead of Apple which came in second place. Things may look better for the consumer electronics maker next year, however.

In kicking off 2007 with the iPhone and Apple TV (and despite those increasingly annoying 'I'm a Mac…I'm a PC' ads), the company, which altered its brand by dropping 'Computer' from its name, will likely be a top contender in next year's poll, BrandingChannel.com said in a statement.

This year’s poll also saw online video service YouTube, which Google bought in 2006, move into the third spot. Online encyclopedia Wikipedia came in fourth. It was the first time the two appeared in the top five spots.

The dramatic debut of these newcomers—YouTube in third and Wikipedia in fourth—is an indication of a larger trend—the growing impact of online brands built on user-generated contents, editor Anthony Zumpano said in a statement.

Coffee maker Starbucks and cell phone company Nokia tied for fifth place, according to the poll.

BrandingChannel.com broke down the results of its poll by region as well. Results for North America were similar to the global results, however Apple placed first.

Swedish furniture maker IKEA was number one in Europe and Africa. Media conglomerate Sony topped Asia. In Latin America, beer maker Corona was the highest ranked brand in Latin America.

The poll does not take account of economic brand value, the company said. It does also does not take into account whether the brand has a positive or negative impact.