Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson) dropped a major bombshell on Sunday's "The Affair." Her secret should have been good news for her and Noah Solloway (Dominic West), but the two have been struggling to make their relationship work. Alison also briefly hooked up with her estranged husband Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson), which further complicated things.

Before we get into Alison's announcement, let's recap Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney) and Noah's narratives.

Helen's Narrative:

Helen has been having a rough time dealing with her and Noah's divorce, but in Sunday's episode she's finally starting to pick up the pieces and move on with her life. Helen also realizes that her mother Margaret Butler (Kathleen Chalfant) contributes to a lot of her of problems.

Helen's point of view begins with her mom badgering her about letting the kids spend time with Noah. Margaret thinks it's a big mistake and points out that Martin (Jake Richard Siciliano) suffers from stomach aches very time someone mentions Noah's name. As recapped in a previous episode, Martin has been suffering from terrible stomach pains, but Margaret is convinced it's all in his mind and it's due to his parents divorcing.

However, it turns out Martin's stomach issues are a lot more serious than believed and Noah has to rush him to the hospital. The young teen has to undergo emergency surgery, and a doctor tells Noah and Helen that he was suffering from a perforated bowel. The doctor also informs the parents that Martin has Crohn’s disease.

While in Martin's hospital room, Helen tells her estranged husband that she's tired of fighting with him and is willing to give him whatever he wants so they can finalize their divorce. Noah says he only wants joint custody of the children, and she agrees.

Back at her house, Helen tells her mother her decision to split custody with Noah, and Margaret berates her daughter and tells her she's making a big mistake. Helen is clearly tired of her mother's criticism, and lashes out at Margaret, telling her to get out of her home. Helen also accuses her of purposefully destroying her marriage to Noah out of jealousy.

As Margaret is leaving, she tells Helen that her father Bruce Butler (John Doman) asked Margaret for a divorce.

Noah's Narrative:

Noah is having a lot of ups and downs on Showtime's "The Affair." When it seems like things are finally starting to work out for him, he's dealt a huge blow he has to overcome. On Sunday's episode 6, Noah's perspective starts off with him spending time with the kids while Helen goes to pick up Martin from the hospital. It seems like all the kids are happy to have him back in their lives, but Whitney Solloway (Julia Goldani Telles) quickly tells him she won't be staying at his two-bedroom apartment because it's too small.

Helen tells Noah stay at her house for the weekend so he can spend more time with the kids, and says she’s going to visit an out-of-state friend so he doesn’t have to worry about her being there. Noah seems shocked that Helen is now being so nice to him. Meanwhile, viewers also learn that Alison has been staying at Sousanna Institute with her mother Athena Bailey (Deirdre O'Connell) while Noah was spending time with his children. During lunch, Noah tells Alison that his divorce is finalized but she doesn't look too happy.

Alison reminds Noah that it's been six weeks since the last time they saw each other, and she also tells him that she's upset over his book manuscript. Noah is annoyed that Alison read the book, but tries to explain to her that it's not about her. Alison isn't buying it, however, and tells Noah she has no plans on reading the finished copy.

Meanwhile, Noah is convinced to try chakra healing with Alison's mother, and while she's removing bad energy from his body, he has a crazy vision of him running someone over with a car. As previously reported, Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) died from a hit-and-run, and Noah is the main suspect. However, when the person in front of the speeding car turns around, it's Alison, not Scotty.

Noah gets freaked out and runs to tell Alison that he’s ready to leave the institute. He also questions Alison about how seriously she’s taking their relationship. After a quiet rendezvous in the woods, Alison drops a bombshell: she’s pregnant. This should be good news for them, but it might be the worst possible time for Noah to tell Helen his mistress-turned-girlfriend is pregnant. Viewers also know from last week’s episode that Alison recently slept with her estranged husband Cole.

Noah's narrative ends with him using that spooky vision of him running Alison over with his car as the ending of his book.

In The Present:

Something fishy is going on with Noah's murder case. For some unexplained reason, Helen is very involved with Noah's case. Not only is she paying for his attorney, but she tells Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff ) that he has to do whatever it takes to prove Noah didn’t kill Scotty.

Jon tells Helen that someone slipped him a tip about Scotty that could blow the case “wide open,” but he won’t tell her who gave him the information. Viewers already know it’s Oscar Hodges (Darren Goldstein), Alison’s old boss. It’s also not yet clear what information Oscar gave Jon.

The attorney also informs Helen that Oscar wants to be paid $100,000 for the information, and she quickly offers to give him the money. Helen says she’s willing to sell her home in order to come up with the money.