Not everyone is happy with Noah Solloway's (Dominic West) new book, "Descent." As recapped in Sunday's Nov. 8 episode of "The Affair," Noah finally finished his book and even abided by his publisher Harry's (Stephen Kunken) wishes and gave the ending a bigger punch. However, Noah will now have to explain to his pregnant fiancée, Alison Lockhart (Ruth Wilson), why the book concludes with him murdering her. 

In a sneak peek of the Nov. 15 episode, Alison confronts Noah about his book during a Thanksgiving dinner, telling him that he made it seem like she threw herself at him. Alison also accuses Noah of portraying her as a psychopath. Later in the clip, she asks Noah if he truly wants to start a family with her or if he's secretly dreaming of killing her so his life would be easier. 

In a second video released by Showtime, Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) angrily tells his family that Noah used their story and "twisted it into something grotesque." Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell) also begs Cole to reconnect with the family. 

According to an official synopsis on TV Guide, Cole is "further alienated from his family in the wake of startling revelations." A third teaser for episode 7 hints that Cherry Lockhart (Mare Winningham) has been keeping a "deep, dark secret" from her sons.

At one point in the video Cherry tells them that the family is "cursed" and there will never be another Lockhart born into the family. Cherry explains that the death of Cole and Alison's son Gabriel is because of the family curse. 

"The Affair” airs Sunday’s at 9 p.m. EST on Showtime.