How crazy was the Season 2 finale of Showtime's "The Affair"? Fans of the series finally got the answer to the long-awaited question: Who killed Scotty Lockhart (Colin Donnell), but of course there were a few twists and turns.

The episode starts with Detective Jeffries (Victor Williams ) at the scene of the crime. He discovers a seating assignment in the shape of a rock from Cole Lockhart (Joshua Jackson) and Luisa's (Catalina Sandino Moreno ) wedding. The rock puts Alison (Ruth Wilson) at the scene of the crime.

The show then introduces Noah's (Dominic West) point of view about the events leading up to Scotty's death. Noah and Alison are getting ready for Cole's wedding when Noah mentions that he wants to go to France to do research for his book and he wants Alison and Joanie to come with him. Alison seems distracted and tells him she'll think about it.

During the wedding ceremony, Alison starts crying and runs off. Noah chases after her and asks her why she's been acting so funny all day. Alison drops the bombshell that she doesn't know who Joanie's father is. She also tells him that she slept with Cole, her ex-husband, around the time she conceived. Noah is rightly upset and tells Alison he never wants to see her again. He makes a beeline for the bar and runs into his ex-wife Helen Solloway (Maura Tierney).

The two head to the beach where they reminisce about the good ol' days and then take a dip in the water. After bonding and rekindling old feelings, Helen and Noah get in the car to leave. Helen doesn't want to drive because she's drunk, so Noah takes the wheel.

As he's driving down the extremely foggy narrow road, different arguments he's had with his loved ones runs through his mind. Noah pulls over and tells Helen she has to drive instead. She does, and as she's driving, Noah reaches over and starts caressing her hand. This causes Helen to take her eyes off the road, and the car hits something hard. Helen thinks it's a deer, but Noah knows it wasn't an animal. She pulls over and Noah gets out the car to find Scotty dead on the ground. He starts crying, takes a look around and bolts out of there.

Noah assures Helen he's going to take care of everything, and tells her not to worry about what happened.

In Alison's narrative, things go a bit differently at Cole's wedding. She doesn't start crying and runs out, and she doesn't initially tell Noah about the baby. While at work at the restaurant, she sees Scotty, who is going on and on about how clean and sober he is and how much rehab has helped him. Scotty is excited to jump in on her, Cole and Luisa's business deal with the Lobster Roll. However, Cole bluntly tells his brother that there never was a deal. Cole says he lied to get Scotty into rehab.

Scotty gets angry and starts drinking again. He leaves the ceremony and Alison runs after him begging Scotty to put his drink down and remember that he just completed a rehab program. Scotty isn’t listening and threatens to spill Alison's baby secret to Cole. Scotty already knows Cole is the father of Joanie.

Alison gets upsets and during Cole's drunken performance at the reception, she tells Noah Joanie isn't his daughter. Noah seems stunned and Alison walks away from him and starts making her way down the dark road where the accident will take place. As she's walking, Alison runs into Scotty, who's completely inebriated at this point. He demands she help him get in on the business deal and when she refuses, he tries to rape her. The two get into a fight and Alison accidentally pushes him in front of Noah's car.

Noah gets out the vehicle, starts crying and as he's looking around he spots Alison hiding in the bushes. She's crying and tells him that she pushed Scotty in front of the car. Noah doesn't say anything to her and gets back in the car with Helen and leaves.

Alison walks back to the restaurant (hello, alibi) and eventually Noah comes back. He tells her that everything is going to be OK and he's having a mechanic fix the car.

During Noah's trial, his lawyer Jon Gottlief (Richard Schiff) tells him that Detective Jeffries is going to take the stand and he has evidence that will pin Alison at the scene of the accident. 

Noah tells Alison what's going on during a break and she urges Noah to just tell the truth. Noah doesn't want to because Helen would get in trouble for the murder since she was driving. Alison tells Noah he's going to have to choose either her or Helen.

Back in the courtroom, Noah whispers something to his lawyer and Jon calls Detective Jeffries to the stand. Alison looks like she's about to faint, clearly thinking Noah is about to pin the murder on her. But Noah surprises everyone and shouts that he's guilty of killing Scotty Lockhart.