Headquartered in Monsey, New York, Affinity Mediaworks Corp. provides visual and production services and solutions to independent and small film sectors. They act as a marketing liaison, supplying their clients a broad variety of services that increase their business efficiency. These include pre and post production services, film financing, and distribution services. The Company trades on the OTCBB.

On Tuesday of this week, Affinity Mediaworks Corp. issued an update from their management. They have created a strategic plan to develop, acquire, finance, distribute, and market selected intellectual properties within the entertainment, media, and leisure industry. Their corporate focus is on the independent film segment of the movie marketplace.

Affinity Mediaworks Corp.’s production budgets for their film projects range from four to eight million dollars. Affinity believes that their current scripts and production candidates will allow them the best chance to create box office success and consequently enhance shareholder value. The Company will distribute their film projects through existing strategic alliances in all major global markets. This includes the screening of their films at the major film markets and film festivals. This would include festivals such as Cannes, the Toronto International Film Festival, the New York Film Festival, and the like.

Affinity is also finalizing plans to integrate themselves vertically in all aspects of the industry. Affinity believes they can become a key provider of solutions to the independent and small film sector. The services offered by Affinity help provide revenue streams that will create an independent profit center within the organization. This will provide supplemental cash flow to the Company while their major film projects are being shot and carried to market.