Affymetrix Inc., a provider of technology used by top pharmaceutical, diagnostic and biotechnology companies, as well as by academic, government and nonprofit research institutes, has rolled-out its Axiom myDesign Targeted Genotyping Arrays to help researchers study disease mutations and characterize gene-gene interactions.

The technology provides researchers the ability to design custom arrays to genotype 1,500 to 2.6 million markers per sample; from there, researchers can transition from genome-wide scans to zero-in on specific analyses using various approaches on the same platform.

“Axiom myDesign TG Arrays will help researchers to quickly evaluate interesting variants from their GWAS, sequencing and candidate gene initiatives without limiting the number of markers in their study,” Andy Last, chief commercial officer of Affymetrix stated in the press release. “Customers who want to add newly discovered content after they complete the initial design can benefit from our new flexible content capability without switching platforms.”

Affymetrix also announced the launch of a new version of the Axiom Genomic Database, which contains 11 million variants. By expanding the scale of the database, the company offers a customizable genotyping solution that can alleviate budget restrictions and create a more streamlined work flow.

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