Afghan officials traveled to Pakistan for secret talks with an imprisoned Taliban member, Reuters reported Sunday, a move that could signal tentative progress toward the Taliban striking a deal with the Afghan government.

A delegation journeyed to Pakistan about two months ago to meet with Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar, who has been incarcerated since CIA and Pakistani intelligence agents captured him in 2010.

"We have met Mullah Baradar," Rangin Spanta, a national security adviser to Afghan President Hamid Karza, told Reuters. "Our delegation has spoken to him to know his view on peace talks."

The fact that Pakistan sanctioned the trip also suggested that the Pakistani government could be willing to help forge a peace deal. The Obama administration has sought to bring the Taliban to the bargaining table, although officials have said the organization must renounce violence as a precondition to playing a role in Afghanistan's governance.