In Afghanistan, a new television show called "The Ministry" that pokes fun a government bureaucracy premiered Thursday night. Modeled after "The Office," the show is a mockumenarty-style satire that follows Dawlat, the arrogant boss at the Ministry of Garbage in Hechland (which means "Nothing Land" in Dari), and his goofy co-workers.

While it is just a sit-com, the show addresses serious political issues such as corruption, drug trafficking, security challenges and nepotism, all of which are all too common in Afghanistan.

"We'll see how open (Afghans) are to this style of comedy," Abazar Khayami, a senior producer involved with the show, told Reuters.

"If you look at the United States and Europe, they are always poking fun at the government but to do that here we really don't know what to expect," he said. "No one thinks there is anything to be concerned about."

The first season of the show runs for eight episodes on TOLO TV in Afghanistan.