Target has plenty of electronics goodies on sale after Christmas this year, and many of them are simple $20 off deals, but here's what you need to know. These are online deals, but don't hesitate to go to the store to check out some of these items first because you may or may not like it once you see it in person. Also, the prices may be different in the stores.

One of the best deals Target has going now is a Philips 40 LCD HDTV for $400. It's 15% off and features 16:9 aspect ratio, VESA mount and wall mountable, three sets of HDMI inputs, a stand and 340 nits maximum brightness. That means it's good for watching in a bright room or larger room where you may be positioned further away.

Another good deal is the Nikon AW100 digital camera for $300. It's about 20% off now and has a 16 megapixel sensor, 5X optical zoom, three inch LCD display and weighs less than half a pound. It's a good quality camera for average camera price, not a bad choice if you are a casual shooter and your point and shoot is more than a couple years old.

For the gamer in your life, there is the four gigabyte XBOX 360 Kinect Bundle for $300. It includes a $75 Target gift card. The gift card offer expires Dec. 31 and it can't be used to buy another gift card (for re-gifting). The main selling point though is the inclusion of the Kinect Sensor, a futuristic wireless controller that lets you play games just by gesturing in front of the device. There's even a camera that can take pictures of you while you play. You'll no doubt want a game for your new XBOX, and Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is on sale for $40. It's usually $60, but that is because it is brand new and wildly popular. It's a first person shooter game, and some people don't take to that style, but if you like battle tactics and tons of bullets, it's perfect.

Another winning super-high tech choice at Target is the 32 gigabyte iPod Touch mp3 player. It's $300, a 25% discount, and includes a pair of trendy red Dr. Dre inspired Beats Audio iBeats ear buds. Finally, for the weary holiday traveler, there is the TomTom XL 335T portable GPS navigation system. It's a 4.3-inch touchscreen device that can save travel plans, give voice directions and recommendations on detours and points of interest. It's down from $150 to $90, nearly half off and is super useful. Tell us in the comments if you are an avid after Christmas sale shopper.