Aftersoft Group, Inc. is a young company that has vastly made a name for itself as a provider of business and supply chain management solutions to automotive parts manufacturers and distributors in the automotive aftermarket. Aftersoft has been attracting investors and leaders in their industry with a strong global presence. While based in the UK, the company also has operations in California and Pennsylvania to go along with a proposed office in Brisbane, Australia. A main reason Aftersoft has spread its wings so far across the globe is their experienced and aggressive management team. This team just grew stronger with the addition of Gerry Czarnecki.

Czarnecki is a renowned name in the industry. Czarnecki, who also serves on the Board of Directors at State Farm Insurance and Del Global Technologies, brings with him over 40 years of experience as a CEO and senior executive in Fortune 100 companies.

When asked about the addition of Czarnecki, Aftersoft CEO Ian Warwick was quoted as saying, “We are very pleased to have someone with Gerry Czarnecki’s experience assume the position of Chairman. Splitting the positions of Chairman and CEO is a growing trend in the US and Aftersoft is committed to implementing good governance practices ahead of the curve.”

When asked about his thoughts on taking on a leading role with Aftersoft, Czarnecki stated, “I’m pleased to be able to take on this role as Chairman. This move enables Ian to continue to focus on operations, which are continuing to improve, and to look for expansion opportunities for our business. This is a dynamic industry and a dynamic company, and this move will strengthen this organization throughout.”

Currently, Aftersoft is trading in the $0.09 range. With continuous news being generated from the company and their global presence expanding, a savvy investor should feel the addition of a leader such as Czarnecki may be the one aspect that will truly put Aftersoft on the map of the ever-changing world of Wall Street.

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