“Agent Carter” Season 2 will take the protagonist and other characters to Los Angeles. The executive producers of the ABC show, and star Hayley Atwell, spoke about the direction of the series in recent interviews.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, executive producer Tara Butters said that although the Season 1 hinted at the Winter Soldier program being the focus of Season 2, the show will be telling a “new story” next year that will take the TV series in a different direction. The show also will introduce new villains.

Executive producer Michelle Fazekas explained that viewers who are fans of the Marvel comics will recognize the new villains next year and said that “there’s more than one villain.” He did not elaborate on which comic book villains will be introduced, but said that fans who are familiar with the comics will be “rewarded.”

Apart from Atwell, who will reprise her role as Peggy, returning actors in Season 2 include James D’Arcy and Dominic Cooper. Speaking to DenofGeek, Atwell confirmed that the characters Jarvis and Howard will return next year and said that they “can’t have a show without those guys.”

When asked about what it might mean for Peggy to travel to a new city after winning the respect of her colleagues in a male-dominated environment, Atwell said her character may have to start all over again. The actress expects the struggle of Peggy in the male-dominated 1940s will be an “ongoing thing” in the TV series.

“Agent Carter” Season 2 will be based one year after the events of Season 1 and Atwell expects some romance for her character this time around. The actress teased that there will be a new villain and a new female character next year, but didn’t give any details. She also hopes to see the friendship between Peggy and Angie (Lyndsy Fonseca) strengthened. The production of Season 2 has yet to begin, but the premiere episode is expected to air in January 2016.