“Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 2 introduced yet another villain that Peggy (Hayley Atwell) must defeat: Whitney Frost/Madame Masque (Wynn Everett). However, the actress and scientist isn’t just another wrongdoer that Peggy can quickly take down. Atwell teased that the SSR agent has finally met her equal.

“It’s a very sophisticated thing to be able to do, to hide in broad daylight when the whole world is starting at you with no idea what’s gong on behind your eyes,” Atwell told TVLine. “That makes for a fascinating nemesis for Peggy because she’s really met her match here. She knows that she absolutely cannot trust her and she must be working extra hard to catch up with Whitney and follow her clues. Also, I think she’s the other side of the same coin to Peggy — she just uses her power for a force of bad.”

Unlike last season of ABC's “Agent Carter,” where Peggy didn’t realize Dottie Underwood (Bridget Reagan) was her enemy, Peggy and Whitney will be able to confront each other sooner rather than later. However, it’ll be a battle of the minds.

“They’re constantly playing a game of chess together and trying to outwit each other,” Atwell told Entertainment Weekly. “But there is a level of respect there, because Peggy cannot deny that Whitney Frost is a genius and that she’s brilliant. The tragedy is that she uses that for forces of bad and her own narcissistic desires and intentions, which will hopefully eventually lead to her demise.”

Obviously, taking down Whitney won’t be an easy task, especially since she came into contact with Zero Matter (which comic fans know as Darkforce) at the end of the premiere. It’ll likely make her even harder to defeat. Producers teased that it won’t just make her powerful; it’ll make her confident.

“Whitney begins to see her transformation as a gift,” executive producer Michele Fazekas told EW. “For the first time, she feels that she can exert her own power, rather than operate from behind the scenes through her husband.”

Fans will have to tune in to see just how powerful she becomes. “Marvel’s Agent Carter” Season 2 airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. EST on ABC.