Cast members Hayley Atwell and James D’Arcy teased about what “Agent Carter” Season 2 will bring in a recent interview. They talked about the setting of the show next year and revealed the reason why they are shifting base from New York City to Los Angeles.

[Spoiler alert]

In a recent interview with TVLine, Atwell (Peggy) revealed that the show will be set six months after the events in the first season. Peggy will be asked to go to L.A. to join D’Arcy’s character Jarvis, who is apparently already there when she goes to meet him.

Jarvis will be in L.A. to help Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) set up his own movie studio. Atwell pointed out that the idea of Howard getting into the movie business is similar to the life of Howard Hughes, who also made movies as one of his businesses.

D’Arcy said the producers told him early on that he will be joining his fellow cast member Atwell in L.A. in “Agent Carter” Season 2 and that the revelation took away some of the suspense for him. He said he was excited for his character to be in the city and felt that Jarvis would “not approve” of movie stars, the heat, palm trees, open-top cars and the “general laidbackness.”

Atwell felt that the presence and reactions of Jarvis in L.A. would add a “comic value” to the TV series and she hoped that it would be a “lot funnier” in the next season. She also teased that there will be a new romantic interest in Peggy’s life, and D’Arcy pointed out that there may be more than one love interest for the character.

Speaking to DigitalSpy, D’Arcy noted that among Jarvis and Peggy, one likes the sunshine and hanging around with movie stars in L.A. while the other “probably doesn’t.” Executive producer Michele Fazekas said in the interview that Howard moving to Hollywood gave them a chance to bring Jarvis along in the story in a “very organic way.” “Agent Carter” Season 2 is expected to premiere in January 2016.