AGR Tools, Inc. is pleased to announce that AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc. will continue to pursue its North American expansion strategy. The company is focusing on adding several new dealers to its network of diamond tool distributors. AGR is currently interviewing and negotiating with around 12 potential candidates, aiming to create a large presence in diamond and construction tool markets in both the United States and Canada by the end of 2010.

Through increasing its North American distribution capacity, AGR USA plans to capture a significant piece of the diamond tool market by providing construction contractors and fabricators with low-cost, high-quality products. The company currently has dealers in over 25 markets and hopes to establish a brand identity that is unrivalled in the segmented diamond tool market.

AGR USA is currently coordinating a distribution center in San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose, whose diamond tool market is estimated at over $25 million. Rock Rutherford, AGR CEO, commented, “The Bay Area is a key market for us, and the construction outlook there is growing more robust as the economy continues to improve.”

He added that the company is close to selecting a dealer to operate in the St. Louis market that would cater to a population of roughly 5.9 million. The city has a potential diamond tool market of over $35 million per year.

“We are ahead of schedule with our expansion plans and intend to continue moving at full speed toward with our strategy,” commented Rutherford.