AGR Tools, Inc., with over 27 years servicing the natural stone and construction industries, entered into a binding share exchange agreement with AGR Stone & Tools USA, Inc. Oct. 29, 2009.

AGRT announced today that AGR S&T has taken a major step forward as part of the Company’s North American growth strategy, expanding its distribution network into Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania with the addition of an Allegheny County dealer.

With an estimated market of $7M, from a 1.8M+ population, the potential sales for the sort of high-quality diamond tools for which the Company is known the world over is remarkable, especially given the Company’s direct-to-customer sales and marketing methodology, which affords them a major competitive advantage.

CEO of AGRT and AGR S&T, the aptly named Rock Rutherford, stated the focused goal of controlling 25% of the $8B market in North America via continual growth of the Company’s distribution network.

AGR Tools are manufactured with a proprietary Matrixx Maxx Technology process that gives the product a quality which is acclaimed and highly sought after by natural and engineered stone, concrete and masonry professionals.

AGR S&T manufactures the only high performance suite of complete tools, from CNC tooling to cup wheels, core bits and concrete blades, including engineered stone products, masonry blades, polishing pads, tile and turbo blades, and many other specialty, high-end diamond tools.

Employing some of the world’s leading scientists, metallurgists and engineers to produce a truly industry-leading product that passes on the benefit of years of research and development to the individual craftsman or trade professional, is what AGR S&T defines as success.