The U.S. economy is on a very sharp steep edge, a small push from anything will lead to a great fall, while to rescue it, they need to built a whole castle for it which is going to take time, so the trick now is to keep it steady for a while, to be able to fix whatever they can fix during whatever time they have.

They, the feds, the policy makers, politicians, investors, economists, and even consumers are the one responsible on reviving the economy, all taking a blame in the crisis that took place, although everyone blames the other, they need to work it out together, the makers should decide appropriate policies, and investors and consumers should be confident about their judgment, otherwise this ship will keep sinking.

I am not gonna be more idealistic than I already am, but lets face it, the fed will not be able to solve the problem without any help, so everyone has to chip in if they want the economy to get back on track.

Will dear reader, enjoy your holidays and try to get the market out of your mind, and lets be ready to help and be more optimistic as we come back from the holiday…