American International Group, Inc, under government pressure to revamp its board with a majority of new independent directors, announced on Tuesday six nominees who will be voted on by shareholders at the company’s annual meeting on June 30.

The current board has nine members.

AIG Chairman and Chief executive Edward Liddy, an insurance services veteran who was appointed by the U.S. after the company’s near collapse last year, said the nominees have expertise with large companies in financial services, accounting and restructuring.

The firm, deemed too-big-to-fail by U.S. regulators, has so far received more than $170 billion in Federal loans to stay afloat.

The candidates are:

Harvey Golub, 70, former chief of American Express Corp.

Laurette T. Koellner, 54, former senior vice president at Boeing Co.

Christopher S. Lynch, 51, independent financial consultant, formerly with KPMG LLC

Arthur C. Martinez, 69, former chief of Sears, Roebuck and Co.

Robert S. Miller, 67, former chief of Delphi Corp.

Douglas M. Steenland, 57, former chief of Northwest Airlines Corp.