Stratos Renewables Corp. (SRNW.OB) plans to become a global leader in the production of low-cost, high yield sugarcane-based ethanol. Not only does this goal require strategic planning and operations, it requires innovative competition. The company has devised a blueprint to take advantage of water irrigation technology, as well as northern Peru's ideal climate and geological position.

The company acquired the Estrella del Norte sugarcane mill in September of 2007, and is currently working to relocate and expand the mill by the third quarter of this year. Once the new site and expansion efforts are complete, the company will commence production of sugarcane-based ethanol. Peru offers free-trade agreements with Canada and the United States, and is closer to integral ports that will allow easier shipping. This is important as the company seeks to boost its milling capacity to produce and ship 360,000 tons of sugarcane each year.

Stratos is in discussions regarding land sourcing agreements in northern coastal Peru to negate the acquisition of several large pieces of land. The specifics of the agreements are underway and near finalization for 48,000ha of land. With this amount of land, Stratos anticipates producing more than 180 million gallons of sugarcane ethanol each year.

And with the land, must come water. Stratos plans to side-step expensive irrigation costs by utilizing underground aquifers to support the company's planned operations. The company will dig wells to test the water supply and decide on the most effective effort to access it.

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