The passengers of the Air France Flight may not have realized that anything was wrong until the actual impact of the crash, according information retrieved from the plane's black box.

First, there was no contact between the cockpit and cabin crew in the final three minutes of the flight. Second, passengers may not have felt more movements and turbulence than you generally feel in storms, said Jean-Baptiste Audousset, president of a victims' solidarity association, reported Associated Press.

So, we think that until impact they did not realize the situation, which for the family is what they want to hear - they did not suffer, he said.

Flight 447 crashed in the Atlantic Ocean en route from Rio de Janeiro to Paris in June 2009. The fall, which began at 2:10 hours into the flight, lasted less than 4 minutes, during which it plunged at a rate of 10,000 feet per minute.

At 2:01 hours, and probably before that, the pilots expected to experience turbulence from a storm. It's probable that passengers were warned about the storm and attributed that to the turbulence from the plane's sudden descent.

Flight 447 fell and crashed because it didn't sufficient speed to maintain lift. Precisely why that happened is unclear from the information obtained from the black box, which raises many unanswered questions.