As part of the biodiversity program launched by the Airbus Corporate Foundation, a third group of sixteen Airbus volunteers has reached Kudimery village in Tamil Nadu state, Southern India.

The program runs in partnership with Raleigh International, the Indian government, the UN's Development Programme and several Indian non-governmental organizations.

Five bio-gas units have already been built in the region. These plants powered by cow-waste are fully operative and have significantly contributed to improving the community's life, socially and economically. Furthermore, by reducing the household's wood consumption, the bio-gas plants result in reducing CO2 emissions and help to protect and restore local forests and fauna.

The India bio-diversity project is an immensely popular way for Airbus volunteers from all around the world to help communities and at the same time learn about environmental awareness, how to be innovative and to manage natural resources in eco-efficient ways, stated Andrea Debbane, Head of the Airbus Corporate Foundation.

The current third group of Airbus volunteers, originating from France, Germany, Spain, UK, China, India and the US and aged between 22 and 55, will now build another set of plants in the neighboring Kadalakoly village.

Upon returning, the volunteers commit to share their experience not only with their colleagues but also with local organizations and schools with whom the Airbus Corporate Foundation has built relationships. At present six biodiversity projects with local youth are underway in France, Germany, Spain and the UK.