After extensive research and development, AI Systems is in the unique position of having a product that is filling an unmet demand, with nothing else in the industry to match it. And yet the company has gone to great length defining and analyzing their market, and developing a workable strategy to penetrate it.

Their product is the airline industry’s first comprehensive, yet real time, business planning system, called jetEngine BPS, based upon previously unapplied mathematical algorithms coupled with the latest computer technology. In short, it does in minutes what used to take airlines weeks or even months to do; a system that can be used by the smallest airlines as well as the largest. The advanced processing now allows the simultaneous calculation and balancing of the many variables involved in efficiently operating an airline:

• Fuel Price Modeling
• Crew Modeling
• Specific Route Analysis
• GDP Variation Modeling
• Fleet Configuration & Aircraft Purchases
• Competitive Capacity & Revenue Management Strategies

The new approach could save the airline industry an estimated $20 billion annually, increasing efficiency in almost every aspect of airline operations.

It’s an industry divided among 36 large carriers and many more smaller carriers, the top airlines (carrying 20 million or more passengers per year) representing less than a fifth of all airlines. AI Systems approach spans several strategies, covering different market segments, geared for quick penetration with a high probability of success and recurring revenue. Revenue will be generated through site licenses, for large airlines requiring unlimited access, and seat licenses, when a specific number of users is known. Revenue will also come through per-use fees, with users logging on through a pay-per-click basis.

The overall market is being reached through a three pronged approach:

• Direct Sales – Targeting the largest airlines, with relations already established
• Channel Sales – Negotiating channel partnerships with large global providers to airlines
• Social Media – Using a sophisticated social media program to drive per-use customers

A major airline is now testing a beta version of jetEngine BPS software.

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