When a company talks about a breakthrough product, there is usually a rush to calculate its potential effect on the user’s bottom line, in terms of efficiency and dollars. In the case of jetEngine BPS, a fundamentally different business planning system for the airline industry, offered by Airline Intelligence Systems, Inc., the calculations have already been done.

Right now, the airlines are largely locked into a hopelessly outdated and time consuming process for performing business planning, often taking weeks or months to complete. By the time they have a finished plan, fuel costs and other market variables could well have changed, rendering the plan obsolete before the ink is dry. The problem is the huge amount of processing it all takes, involving a large number of often interrelated parameters. The resulting potential combinations are endless, and, until now, there have been no simple and effective tools to deal with it all.

The AI Systems solution, jetEngine BPS, combines advanced mathematical algorithms, together with state-of-the-art computer processing, to generate accurate answers in a matter of minutes versus months.

For airlines, the related potential benefits are significant:

• Far more efficient utilization of airline resources
• Significant cost reductions in IT and direct labor
• More streamlined processes, resulting in additional cost savings
• Flexible realtime route modeling and fleet modeling for more competitive market positioning
• Ability to deal effectively with rapid fuel price fluctuations
• Bottom line profit increases on the order of 3% to 6% of revenue
• Overall airline industry estimated annual savings of between $15 billion and $30 billion

Regardless of the size of the airline, they can now afford to tap into a system more sophisticated than anything ever before available. The powerful processing is all handled by AI Systems, so requires no download or maintenance of bulky software. And users are free to pay for as little or as much access as they need, allowing anyone to utilize the capabilities.

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